Reform, not Roundups

Yesterday, advocates from the National Capital Immigrant Coalition, CASA de Maryland and area churches rallied to protest the recent ICE raid on an Annapolis, MD paiting company.

On Monday, raids were conducted at both the office of the Annapolis Painting Services and at private homes of Annapolis residentes. Over 45 people were arrested.

Yesterday’s protestors denounced the raids as inhumane and highlighted that those arrested are victims of a broken immigration system. The protest also brought attention to the families who are suffering as a result of ICE’s actions.

“Every person affected yesterday has a family,” said Jessica Alvarez, vice president of the National Capital Immigrant Coalition. “Today we are here to show that every person has a voice and has a community behind them. This is unjust, and our voices need to be heard.”

Click here and here for articles concerning both the raid and the protest.


2 responses to “Reform, not Roundups

  1. These people are ILLEGAL – send them back to where they came from. If they go through the proper channels and become legal immigrants BEFORE they cross our borders then they are welcome. Since they did not follow proper procedures – they are ILLEGAL and should be arrested, tried and impisoned!

  2. No Human Being is ILLEGAL. Laws in this country are selectively applied, and they are also subject to change, which is why we have a legal process and why this is called a “democracy”. Borders are also constantly in flux; they have their history and this history is fraught with racism, genocide, and brutal exploitation. This country belongs to no one. This land belongs to the First Peoples, so if anyone needs to get sent back to where they came from, it is the first “illegal immigrants” who came from across the Atlantic from a place called Europe. Historical amnesia has its remedies, but I don’t know so much about ignorance and bigotry.

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