War on Immigrants Report

I know this is late notice, but….. today at 10am there will be a discussion of the “War on Immigrants” underway in our nation.

WAR ON IMMIGRANTS REPORT (with call-in segment, Dial: 212-209-2900):
A monthly segment of ‘Global Movements, Urban Struggles’ on Pacifica Radio


Tuesday, July 1, 2008 at 10am (EST)

99.5 WBAI (tune in live throughout NYC or online at: www.wbai.org)

Co-Hosted by Donald Anthonyson and Maria Muentes of Families for Freedom and Adem Carroll of the Muslim Consultative Network

Join the War On Immigrants Report for a special show on the politics of immigration and the 2008 elections.  Where do our candidates really stand on the issues that impact our communities such as raids, detention and the tearing apart of our families?   How can we build grassroots energy to hold elected officials accountable and build community engagement? 

We will be joined by scholars, journalists, community organizers and activists to discuss what is at stake for immigrants and the immigrant rights movement in this election season both nationally and locally.  We will close with a lively discussion on the 2008 election and immigration where we want to hear from YOU in a CALL IN SEGMENT!   To call-in dial: 212-209-2900.

Be sure to listen and call in if you can!

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