Art is Action – Pro-Migrant Poster Power!

“We need strong pro-immigrant and migrant art to confront the multitude of images of disempowerment given to us by our daily media.”

The Taller Tupac Amaru set out to meet this need by enlisting the help of artists, art enthusiasts and movement supporters this May 2008. Jesus Barraza, Melanie Cervantes, Dylan Miner and Artemio Rodriguez, under the leadership of fellow artist Favianna Rodriguez, set out to produce of FIVE empowering posters for the international immigrant rights movement.

There has never been a movement for social change without the arts – posters in particular – being central to that movement. Protest posters flaunt their politics and court discussion. They can deepen compassion and commitment, ignite outrage, elicit laughter, and provoke action. The power of the poster is that it is produced in multiples, and therefore can be easily distributed for all to see.


Posters are available for sale and distribution at a cost of $30 per set. Please email or call Melanie Cervantes,, Cell: 510-502-6393 OR Favianna Rodriguez, (English or Spanish),, Cell: 510-918-9075

3 responses to “Art is Action – Pro-Migrant Poster Power!

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  2. rachelfirm

    The quote is absolutely correct. It’s great to see this artwork available. Thanks for keeping us informed. This is a great blog and you’re doing a fabulous job.


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