IOWA fallout – useful links, locating stories

We know you’ve been following the coverage of the raids in Iowa on other blogs, thanks to everyone who has been writing on this urgent event.

We have been working with groups on the ground including, but not limited to, the UFCW and Iowa CCI to support the community and those affected by this raid. We have been able to send an organizer to Iowa, and he just touched down today (Mayron Payes from California) he’ll be helping with relief and organizing in the aftermath, but he and others will also be recording interviews with families on our utterz profile. Stay tuned, we’ll let you know as soon as we have interviews up (but right now you can check out our interviews from May 1 in DC, and our 40th anniversary).

I’m really hoping to have interviews up as early as 5pm today.

Our statement on the raids

Good video and coverage from the Des Moines Register (can also find a listing of who has been detained on the newspaper site

Shame on Agriprocessing Company – the Bush administration is attacking workers and saving big business, again.

Got more coverage? Did you write on Iowa? Post it to the comments in this story.

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