Southern Poverty Law Center lists FAIR as hate group

The Eugenists, racists, and members of white supremacist groups haven’t gone away- they’ve simply found a new home: the anti-immigrant movement.

FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, has employed white supremacists in key leadershpi roles, has accepted over a million dollars from a eugenics foundation AND, as if that weren’t enough, has helped to bolster racist conspiracy theories throughout the country.

FAIR is not the voice of the mainstream, it’s the voice of individuals who have helped fuel the 40% increase in the number of hate groups in the US. These aren’t citizen advocacy groups, or simply groups of concerned folk- they are hate groups plain and tall.

The most terrifying number in all of this? A 35% increase in hate crimes against latinos. There has certianly been a similar increase in hate crimes against South Asians and Arabs, and increases in hate crimes against other marginalized groups.

A recent report by the Southern Poverty Law Center, outlines the story of FAIR as a hate group, and it justifies their official addition to the national list of hate groups maintained by the organization.

Also, for a more mainstream view of the rise of nativism this week, check out the dec. 17th issue of the New Yorker, would love ot know what you think about it.

18 responses to “Southern Poverty Law Center lists FAIR as hate group

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  2. Here we go again, same old lies and deceptions. Why don’t you people tell the truth?

    To support legal immigration is not racist.

    To be anti-illegal immigration is not “anti-immigrant”.

    Do you really think your lies and deceptions get you anywhere? Do you really think legal Americans don’t know the difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigration?

  3. Justadog why are you defending an organization you know nothing about?

    FAIR is anti-imigration.

    FAIR is opposed to ALL types of immigration Legal and Illegal alike.

    They are even opposed to Indian & Filipino doctors coming here to practice in under served areas. They are opposed to Chinese researchers who are looking for a cure for cancer immigrating here and millionaire South American businessmen coming here to start new a business.

    Why are they opposed to immigrants such as these?
    We all know the answer to that.
    That is only one of they reasons why they are a hate group.

    This is why I have a hard time sympathizing with the anti-immigration crowd. They love being in an uproar over issues without taking time to look up the facts.

  4. Every country in the world has the right to determine their immigration policy.
    Those of us who think that 300 million people in the United States today is plenty are now classified as anti-immigrant or people of hate.
    Some of us think of ourselves as considerate ancestors to those who will come after us.
    As a result of the United State’s very generous immigration policy, the U.S. is now growing at a faster population rate, than China. That’s right, check it out on the UN website.Our migration rate, not birth rate is driving the growth.
    For those of us who think that the enviornment is worth saving, know that nothing damages the environment more than overpopulation.
    Yet you morons think that to say no, to letting more people come here is somehow hateful. Do you really believe we solve the world’s problems but simply letting everyone who wants to come here?
    Do you care in the slightest what that means for our future generations?
    There are 5 billions people in the world poorer than the poorest of Mexico, do we flood the U.S. with all of them?
    When will enough be enough? What number do we stop at before we reach the point of no return Or should we just keep going down this road… fat, dumb and happy and leave nothing for our future generations?

  5. Jenna if you picked up a paper in the last 15 years you would know that China has a strict 1 child policy. Hence the slow growth rate.

    Study after study has shown immigrants help our economy.
    Immigrants pay more in taxes than they use in social services. The problem is the federal government receives a surplus while state and local governments receive a deficit. This has to be fixed. Hence the conflicting reports. Economists agree that without immigrants, economic growth would stagnate. We need workers between the age of 21-55 to offset the loss our economy will suffer as the baby boomers retire. Jenna I recommend you pick up a copy of the Economist or even the Wall Street journal once in a while because you seem to be out of touch with current events.

    There is no economic reason to oppose immigration, it actually hurts us to keep them out. So yes, the fact that you would rather give up economic secuirty to keep “foreigners” out does make you a xenophobe.

    PS. There are not 5 “billions” of people poorer than those of Mexico. Please pick up paper or book soon.

  6. Sorry, that was me above. It was directed at Jenna.

  7. I was wondering, do you had any more blogs?

  8. Do the illegals realize that there are LEGAL ways to come to the U.S.?
    They need to follow the laws of our land. If they ALL did this there would not be a problem. If they sneak in there is a problem, they are breaking the law therefore they will suffer the concequences eventually. Their children will suffer because their parents broke the law. What kind of values are they teaching their children? It’s ok to break the law if they benefit by stealing jobs from our citizens?
    Like I wrote before there are legal ways to come and they need to understand that. Can you see Joe Public is fed up with the invasion?
    I am not racist I just believe that laws are made for a reason and they need to be followed.

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  10. I am very heartened by SPLC’s listing of FAIR as a hate group. See as well an extremely well-researched piece by Heidie Beirich (Where Anti-Immigrant Zealots Like Lou Dobbs Get Their ‘Facts’ – exposes the racist strain that informs the “respected” advocates of anti-immigrant hysteria such as the organization Federation for American Immigration Reform (“FAIR”) which is often quoted in mainstream media such as the New York Times or National Public Radio. Beirich dissects the tangle of neo-Nazis who populate seemingly mainstream anti-immigrant organizations. see also for excellent analysis of nativist advocates cloaking their racist positions as anti-immigrant xenophobia.

  11. Katie, could you please list all the LEGAL ways to come to the U.S.A ?
    Also tell if you have ever had any traffic violations including weather you have ever received a parking ticket?

  12. Katie,

    Everyone thinks coming to America is like going to Cancun. Get in line and fill out the proper paperwork. Sure… it’s a long line, but just wait you’re turn. Like a ride at Disney Land, you’ll get your turn.

    Sorry. Just not so. There are some unethical consulates who won’t even look at your application for a Visa if you don’t have $$ to grease their palm… oh but wait… WE’RE A NATION OF LAWS!

    Let’s face it. If you were poor and had any work ethic or initiative at all, and all that stood between you and a job was a river, you’d start swimming. After all, one man’s chicken plucking job is another man’s trip to Disney.

  13. FAIR is fair.
    Read their website, especially you DM and the Southern Poverty Law Center.
    If FAIR is hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a drug ring.

  14. Kennedy is using his own battle against brain cancer to make a emotional pitch for Health Care reform. Though this last weekend was the 40th anniversary of chappaquiddick, but ABC, CBS, and NBC haven’t uttered one syllable about it. But if you remember only one thing about Mr Kennedy he is the same man who brought the nation’s immigration reform, in the immigration and nationality act of 1965. About his bill Mr. Kennedy promises, first our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed bill the present level of immigration remains the same, secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset. It will not relax the standard of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs. Now look how that turned out. The lesson is that Mr. Kennedy and the rest of the democrats will promise anything to get their nation changing legislature passed. They seek to remake our country to suit their own fantasies, and they will say or do whatever it takes to get their way.And you sir and your organization should be tried for treason against your own country .

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