How many people have been deported, un”voluntarily”, in the last ten years?

Come on, take a guess- how many people, in the last 10 years, have been deported WITHOUT being tricked, cajoled or threatened into signing a “voluntary” deportation order by ICE.



1 million?

Try almost 2 million- Indeed 1.8 million people have been deported without signing a voluntary deportation agreement. That number is HUGE.  200 in April of last year alone. If you think that number is big- try multiplying it by 2, 3 or 5 – then you might get the actual number of all people who have been deported- including those who have been coerced into signing a “voluntary” deportation agreement.

The detention and deportation industry in the US is lucrative for the private companies that support it- just like the war. ICE is the 2nd largest enforcement agency in the country- and it has more guns than the FBI. And who is paying for it? You are- 95 dollars per day that a 1 person alone is detained.

This system has little oversight- and even less dignity. Children and families suffer in detention centers in Texas. Mothers and Fathers can spend up to 3 or even 7 years in jail fighting to prove their right to stay in the US- often with no criminal record, and posing no harm or threat to the community.

The mainstream media has done a good job of highlighting the bigger name raids across the country, including Swift- but America has turned a blind eye to the greencard holders, visa demanders, refugee seekers, and other immigrants that are currently emprisoned in its jails.

Are you working on these issues in your area- let us know about it.

Are you interested in learning more? Let us know.

It’s time that we stop the abuses of our criminal justice system- Over the next few weeks We’ll be providing you with more resources, contacts and information on this issue, more to come soon.

6 responses to “How many people have been deported, un”voluntarily”, in the last ten years?

  1. deportion of immigrants is not a bright idea not only will this effect familys it will be a disaster to the u.s economy immigrants do jobs most americans wont be found doing.if all immigrants are deported it will bring negative effects on the u.s. and the country they came from. immigrants add to the profits americans receive they start of small and at the end they get houses, start buying appliances, buying products,etc. deporting of immigrants isnt only bad to the immigrants it will also effect americans

  2. One response so far? No, actually there were four yesterday. But since three of the four were ANTI-illegal immigration, calling you on your BS, you deleted them.

    Why don’t you go back to your own country with which you more closely identify and feel an allegiance, and spend all your time, money, and energy there? Because you would rather feed off the success of U.S. citizens, who have successfully developed their own country, by illegally invading and culturally occupying it.

  3. This is for all the ignorant people who think that all immigrants should go back to their country.
    I know that reality sucks some times but we have to accept it. If we really want to be fair and talk about the truth than why don’t you all “legal citizens” accept that you are all illegal too because first of all this land was not yours, you guys simply took it. Most of the “American land” was stolen from the Indians and states like California were not totally bought from Mexico. I suggest you all take a moment to read about the Mexican-American War so you all can be informed about what really happen. If all the “immigrants” were to leave America it would be nothing and it’s economy would go straight to the ground because America was built from immigrants from all over the place. The truth is that America just loves to benefit and use immigrants to do work and once there finish with them they want to kick them out like they did to the Chinese when they were done building the railroads.

  4. Abby,

    I would start by going back and relearning the history yourself and I would go back a bit further. The point is each country has a right to set it’s own immigration limits and laws. This old argument about land stole from Mexico does not work. Who did the Mexicans steal it from being they are not from there either. The Spanish colonized the tribes in Mexico over time. The different tribes fought each other over land all the time, but hey only the good old US of A is the evil one in your mind. Not everything is about Mexico or illegal Mexicans. Why don’t you take your arguments to Mexico? Go check out their laws.

  5. First off they are illegal!!! does the word not mean anything to you? Second, they dont take jobs Americans wont do they do American jobs for pennys… And the people that are employing them are criminals too! They pay them enough to live in a slum and steal from hard working Americans… Like ME that is a productive member of society! If they want to come here, do it the proper way, just like I would have to do if I wanted to go to another country. I dont consider myself above the law so why should they? I am not even going to mention the amount of money we spend on giving them free heath care, housing and wellfare. They help our economy Abby was saying? I am going to call you on that… They are one of the main reasons that our economy is terrible right now. Not to mention that I AM PAYING FOR THEM TO LIVE HERE! Someone else was bitching that Mexico is such a terrible place. Well, you know what… maybe someone should fix it in stead of just taking the easy way out and floating over here on a door! I have no pitty for any of them if they want to live here they can follow the same rules I have to.

  6. Keith ,
    I understand your consern, but the fact is that it is so hard to get into this coutry some times you got to do what you got to do even though you know its wrong. For some people the case is live or die.

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