Grassroots groups keep pressure on hill- full day of events to keep the White House deal on track as backroom negotiations continue….


Whew… Walking 10 blocks in the DC humidity after picketing the RNC for half an hour isn’t easy….

I’ll have to keep this post short for now because we are still in the thick of organizing for our children’s hearing tomorrow… But today was just such an exciting day of actions on the Hil- keeping the pressure on the negotiations for immigration reform- that I had to write something before I could go on to more work…..

FIRM, Casa de Maryland, Communities for Comprehensive Immigration Reform of North Carolina, The Irish Lobby, The African Resource Center and countless other grassroots groups spent the day in actions, lobbying and dialogue with congress to push for a fair and human comprehensive immigration reform deal….ccir.jpg

9:30 AM – I had the pleasure to meet Communities for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (pictured above) of North Carolina at the House Judiciary subcommittee hearing on Immigrant Integration. The group of folks I met were amazing, they traveled all the way to DC to lobby for the day and I got to have some great conversations about our efforts to push for CIR with their lead organizer…. More to come on the hearing later tonight

10:40 AM – Leaders from FIRM and Casa de Maryland took over Congressman Salazar’s (D-CO) office (one of the Senators in negotiation with the White House on an immigration reform deal) to demand a meeting with the congressman or their chief of staff. While chanting “No Family, No Deal! Guest worker, NO Deal”, I joined the group in delivering our message to the top. We were able to meet with Salazar’s chief of staff directly. We told him that we hold Salazar responsible for the outcome of the deal with the White House and we were coming to him representing a much larger and diverse community of voters who expect the best immigration reform package that we can achieve. We were lead in prayer by a local minister with the chief of staff and left behind a letter detailing our demands for the Senate deal.

1:20PM- Met up with the African Resource Center, The Irish Lobby, the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform and Cassa de Maryland to picket the RNC demanding fair and humane comprehensive immgiration reform. Again, our cry rang out: No Families, No Deal! Guestworker, No Deal! United across cultures and languages, we continued to spread our message throughout the afternoon!

3:13PM – Now it’s back at the office getting ready to welcome families, faith leaders, and advocates from Massachusetts, California, Colorado, Washington and Illinois to DC for our Children’s hearing tomorrow (will post excerpts of testimonies later this afternoon…)

Have you been organizing today? Let us know you’re story….

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